serpentofmidgard: (The Midgard Serpent rears its head)

Ragnarok ... the Skalds of old all warn

a new world shall be born, shall be born.

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Location:The Ocean, Midgard

Middleborn of Loki Son of Laufey and the giantess Angrboða
The end of the world, when heaven, earth and the underworld will be destroyed.
Then the world will tremble and the oceans leave their beds.
The heavens will be torn apart and eagles will feed upon humans still writhing in their death throes.
The wolf Fenris will finally break free and run ravening through the world,
and the Midgard Serpent will rise from the seabed to cause havoc and destruction."

Jörmungandr belongs to the Norse myths, Viserys belongs to George R. R. Martin, and Harry Lloyd belongs to himself.
Muse and mun are most certainly over eighteen.
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